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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How long does it takes to get full results?

You will receive the full and official reports on average of 5-7 working days.

Reason : We grow the bacteria inside a special container, known as bacterial culture method. The process cannot be speed up as it depends totally on the bacteria’s growth rate. This is the best method as we can identify the actual bacteria itself, so if found under microscope, the result is highly accurate !

How long is the testing process?

Approximately 30 minutes. Our experienced doctor will ask you a few questions (history taking) and later proceed with your blood withdrawal. Then, you will need to provide us with your urine sample.

Any special preparation before the test?

Yes. We advice patient to fast for a minimum of 8 hours prior to blood taking and urine sampling. If you plan to come at 5PM, then your last meal should be at 9AM the latest. Please calculate according to your schedule.

Best time to come?

We highly recommend patient to come to our clinic before 12 noon. This is easier for many as they have fasted while sleeping. Also the 1st morning  urine sample is the most fresh and the concentration on the bacteria (if any) is at the peak. Hence more accurate testing!

How accurate is the test for STDs?

Very accurate! In fact, the same tests are being provided by all private and government hospitals, in Malaysia. But of course, their charge is a lot more expensive.

Same price for foreigners?

Yes. We treat Malaysian citizen and foreigners (working adults, tourists ect) equally. Hence, the same price applies. No worries!

Can underage do this tests?

Absolutely. This is a routine medical procedure done on daily basis. This is not considered as surgical procedure, so it can be done at any age, including underage and does not have any age limit.

What do i need to bring for the tests?

Just bring your identification (MyKad/Passport) for registration purposes at our clinic. This is important so that your blood samples are not mistakenly exchange with someone with similar names as yours. Please bring the original document.

Is my result kept as a secret / confidential?

Yes, of course! Our clinic is registered and monitored by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. We are bound by the following law :-

  1. Act 50, Medical Act, Year 1971
  2. Act 586, Private Healthcare Facilities and Services, Year 1998


All results are classified and protected under the above enforced law in Malaysia. We cannot disclose to anyone without the consent of the patient.

Does the price includes treatment?

No. The price stated in this website is for the blood and urine samples only.

Can we get treatment here?

Yes of course. We do provide treatment after our doctor has reviewed the full official report. Treatment option varies and depends on clinical presentation and STDs testing results. Some patient may only need pills (for treatment) while the other, may need a combination of injection and pills.

Generally, a single infection require less medicine compared to combined infection. Note that STDs are well known to co-infect in human. One symptom may mask the other symptom. So you may falsely believe you have only one infection when actually its more than one!

Hence, we cannot provide with single treatment price. However, treatment for STDs in our clinic is less than RM200, on average.

Can we get result via email?

Yes, you can. Some of our patient came from far away. So after the test, they can go back home. Once the official results are ready, we will email it to our patient. Usually, our doctor will call the patient to explain the tests result and suggest treatment if required.